It is a commercial large store room for manufactures where you can keep your goods, raw materials, packing materials or households safe for certain period. It is designed racks which are comfortable to store goods.

It is designed to easy management. It ensures easy access to the household or goods. It provides loading docks to load or unload goods by using cranes, forklifts without any tension. It is main stream of supply chain. It manages air conditions.

If goods are eatable then it need proper pest control and humidity control.

Types of Warehouses : –

1. Private Warehouse
it is owned by private companies, for example :- flipkart , Amazon are using own Warehouse but before they were using third party services.

2. Public Warehouse
It is used to store different – different companies inventory.

3. Government Warehouse
It is used to store government inventory and government is authorized to use it.

4. Co-operative Warehouse
It is Customer or consumer based Warehouse where consumers store its inventory to protect. it can be used by farmers.

5. Bonded Warehouse
It is used to store dutiable inventory or goods of any company. For example : – custom duty. if You do not pay custom duty on any applicable inventory then Your Inventory would be stored in Bonded Warehouse.

6. D.C Warehouse
It is Distributed supply system chain where company have warehouses in different – different cities or states to provide easy distribution.

7. Cold Storage
It is cool warehouse and refrigeration technologies are used to provide services.

8. E & I Warehouse
It is used to handling inventory for short time period and loading and unloading are the main tasks there.

9. Climate Controlled Warehouse
It have technology by which, You can control on Temperature and Humidity.

10. Field Warehouse
It is contract- base warehouse.

11. Agriculture Warehouse
It is weather controlled warehouse for farmers to stock crops. For example : – Onion , Tomato , Carrot , Cauliflower , Cabbage , Pea , Lettuce .


1. Racks
2. Shelving
3. Conveyor
4. Containers
5. Trolley
6. Pallet Jacks
7. Lockers
8. Ladders


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