Packing refers to protect goods from aging or damage. Relocation companies use boxes or wrappers to conceal or seal goods or household. Structure packing is important to protect your goods during shifting.
Distribution companies always seal products before its transport. Labeling also ensure easy management. It also refers to easy handling. To protect food, canning is popular process and even bottles are the packaging process which also provides easy handling during moving. Still cartons are used mostly for other items. Local business relies on plastic bags for their stuff packing and they cannot afford costly packing materials.
Shipping companies use containers to protect products.

Common Types of Boxes :-

1. Bulk Cargo
2. Corrugated Pads
3. Easy Fold mailer Box
4. ECT lightweight Box
5. Multi Depth Box
6. Storage File Box
7. Moving Box
8. Side Loader Box
9. Haz Mat
10. Wine Shipper Box
11. Insulated Shipper Box
12. Wood Crates Box

Packing services

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