If you are retailer or shop owner then you need boxes for packing goods or raw materials. It is cheaper option when you have unused news papers. It means that you have raw papers to make box out of it.

First collect news papers, scissor, pencil, glue and ruler.

  1. First take news paper and fold – flip the paper in triangle shape to create square shape and mark it with pencil.
  2. Cut the paper with scissor.
  3. Now you have square shape, you have to again fold it in diagonal.
  4. Fold all the 4 corners into the center.
  5. The fold one side into the center and do the same to the other site and open it, turn it 90 degree and follow with other sides.
  6. Now cut 4 cuts into the top and the bottom.
  7. Now you should fold the flip over and down and the same with the other flip.
  8. Bottom part done and follow steps to make upper part.
How to Make Paper Box

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