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Below are some tips before dealing with any company

  1. Always check company reputation before dealing.
  2. Sometimes fake companies operate its business in the name of well known brands, so always investigate about realty.
  3. For realty check, you can call original company which will tell you better.
  4. Registering domain does need high investment, so always ask business registration details, if you doubt.
  5. Do not move your precious jewellery with companies. It is better to filter and move it yourself.
  6. Always take item bill with company manager signature.
  7. Always ensure about total cost. If possible take written.
  8. Some companies do not load your household to your flats, so ask them before dealing them.
  9. Do not pay full payment. You can advance 50%.
  10. Check packing. If they are using other companies packing then halt the deal because they are reseller and actual company will not give you trusted services because you are not their client.

How to know, if a company is service reseller

  1. Anyone can register its domain without selling any services, so website is not a trust factor of a company.
  2. Always check domain age. It is first step to check about company. If it is registered recently then now one can trust upon it.
  3. Contact details in whois data are private? Or fake? Then do not deal with them.
  4. Search numbers on Google. If these numbers are prompted with different company names then probably it is reseller or fake company.
  5. Review is also factor to determine trust factor but it can be spoofed. Companies can create fake reviews or other company can do it.
  6. Visit office and ask locals about the business. It is best option when you want to deal with them.
  7. Do trucks having brands logo? Or Contact numbers?


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